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The table below contains a list of builds and ideas that we incorporated from other creators. Many thanks to everyone who shares their builds publically and helps make Minecraft a more enjoyable experience. Your work has inspired and enabled us to build a better server.

In case you do find something on our server where we haven’t given proper credit yet, please let us know. We will gladly acknowledge and correctly attribute your work.

Capital city

ImperiumMCEuropean Tree Pack
Savanna Tree Pack
PlutouthereMedium Tree Pack
PsykovskyPsykovsky Tree Bundle
Morozov Architect40 Trees
evilsketchStatues pack
GoldrobinBook shelf ideas
GrianVarious design ideas
JeracraftVarious design ideas
Minecraft.ToolsVarious banners

On map

lamborghiniMiuraCursed Ghost Ship
jortgutterA Small Ruin
Another Small Ruin
steels12Sunken Tower
MartzertArabic Mosque
xxlemonboyxxHuge Tree
MasterKaiserMinecraft Village Ruins
Castle Ruins
Ruined Tower
ChunkieBarn with Water Tower
AurianMedieval Boat
NamesJBasic Nordic Cover
balthizarlucienTravelling Merchant’s Wagon
JDCreepSmall House
LenitraMCLittle Castle
PapaveroheasSmall Medieval Garden
_Yackal_Post Apocaliptic Ruins House