Gaia Novis Bringing long-term fun to Minecraft


Many quests and 100+ NPCs

The capital city is full of NPCs that require your help. In exchange for your assistence many of them will reward you with money, experience points or even unique items. Some will help you uncover secrets.

Unique farmworld solution

Need to find an untouched Woodland mansion or village? Tired of all generated treasures being looted already? Simply visit our Farmworld that regenerates every night with a random seed, allowing you to explore a new map every day.

Procedural Mobs & Treasures

Explore treasure ruins all over the map and fight fierce, procedurally generated mobs. Not only are these enemies much harder to beat, some of them also drop unique items as a reward for standing up to the challenge.

Procedural weapons

Procedural weapons bring variety into the game. They come with different levels, rarities and attributes. Our system shares similarities to the Borderlands franchise. Every generated weapon is unique and rarer weapons have great bonuses like increasing your max health or granting you a speed boost. All with a custom resource pack giving every weapon it's own look and feel.

Mob arena & PvP arena

Fight with other players for fun without losing your valuable items. Or challenge waves of enemy mobs and see if you can beat the boss.