Gaia Novis Bringing long-term fun to Minecraft


What is Gaia Novis?

Gaia Novis is a Minecraft Server that focuses on adventure, exploration and fun gameplay by extending the vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

What is the Minecraft Server Address?

How can I play on the server?

Gaia Novis is a whitelisted server. Join our Discord server and state your ingame nickname. We will gladly whitelist you.

Gaia Novis is free, how does it finance the server costs?

Gaia Novis is 100% free for all players. Neither do you need, nor do you have an option to donate anything in order to experience all of our server. The server costs are being covered by the administrators.

What version of Minecraft is Gaia Novis running right now?

Gaia Novis is currently running a PaperMC build of Minecraft 1.15.2.

Do you have a Discord server?

Yes we do. Simply click this link to join our Discord server.