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Account linking for Bedrock players

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All Bedrock Edition players can now join Gaia Novis without a Java Edition account! You can also link your Bedrock Edition account with your Java Edition account. This means you don’t have to enter your credentials anymore when joining the server.

How to link your accounts

  • Join the server with your Java Edition.
  • Join the server with your Bedrock Edition.
    • You will see that you joined the server with your gamertag and a ‘*’ prefix.
  • In the Java Edition, run /linkaccount *BedrockGamerTag.
  • You will get a message asking you to run a specific /linkaccount command on Bedrock.
  • In the Bedrock Edition, run the command given to you.
    • e.g. /linkaccount MyJavaUser 1234
  • You will be kicked on Bedrock.
  • In the Bedrock Edition, log into the server and from now on you will be logged in as your Java account.
  • If you log in from one edition and are still logged in in another edition it will kick the already logged in edition.