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Update for “The End”, heads, anvils & more

Regenerating farming world “The End”

Want to beat the Ender Dragon without having to respawn him? Don’t want to roam around the end just to find already looted chests? Well now there’s a way to do that. Simply enter the farmworld and find an end portal there just like you would in the regular world. That end world will regenerate nightly, just like the farmworld. This ensures new players get the same experience as people who are on the server for a longer time already.

Tower in The End
The treasures inside this end tower await you

The normal end world remains untouched and will keep all changes. If you build anything there it won’t be deleted. Just bear in mind that there is no land claiming outside the regular world. But let us know if anyone wants to build their base in the nether or the end. We can enable that if that’s a feature you want.

Player heads and mob heads

Xericore's head
Want to get my head as an item? Come and get it!

As requested by our member Shadow_Facts, you can now get player heads. Every time you kill another player, his/her head will drop as an item. While player heads do drop in the PvP arena as well, it’s not straight forward to get them, since you can’t pick up any items in the arena when you have joined a fight. A possible work around would be to watch a match between two players as a spectator and jump down into the arena. Then you can pick up the head.

Can you make this bad boy explode without getting hurt?

As for mob heads, there’s already a way to get some. In vanilla Minecraft a mob will drop it’s head when killed by a charged creeper. While charged creepers are insanely rare in the wilderness, they are not too uncommon in our treasure locations. So go and taunt those charged creepers in the treasure locations. But you better be prepared, as they’re not giving up easily!

Added anvil enchantment cost cap

Anvils have an enchantment cost cap now

We’ve decided to add a limit to enchantment costs. This is mainly to make sure that you can upgrade the procedural items you can find in treasure locations. The limit is enchantment level 39. While we could set it higher, the client would still display “Too expensive” and we’d have to explain that it still works. Furthermore, getting level 39 is not entirely trivial either, so we feel like that this is not a game breaking change to vanilla. So now you can combine even well enchanted items and it will still work. All you need is 39 levels.

Minor rule addition to the Nether

We’ve added the following rule:

Don’t destroy player builds in the normal nether.

New rule
Normal nether entrance near the spawn

The normal nether is the one you enter via the skull portal on the spawn or by building your own portals in the overworld. Unlike the farming nether, the normal nether will never reset. So you can build portals and connect your homes with railways in the normal nether.

Note that you can still mine, change and destroy blocks in the normal nether. But please respect player builds. You can’t claim any land in the nether, but if players request that feature, we will enable it. For now, the rule should be sufficient. You can still of course go into full carnage mode in the farming nether. After all, it resets nightly.

Please also be aware that we have a way to check which player placed or destroyed a block. So if you see your builds destroyed in the nether, inform the admins and we’ll check what caused the destruction. Might have been a ghast after all.

Additional changes

  • You can now use the /lands unstuck command. It will teleport you to the nearest wilderness if you get stuck visiting someones land.
  • Fixed mobs not being able to teleport from mainworld to farmworld.
  • Fixed mobs taking damage when teleporting through the farmworld/mainworld portals.
  • You can now use the /tps and /mspt command to check the server tick time. Any tps > 19 indicates the server is not lagging. As for mspt, the 1 minute average should be below 50 ms.
  • Added a few more powered rails throughout the city and farmworld central region to increase speed on the railway.
  • Increased maximum chat distance for NPCs from 4 blocks to 5 blocks.
  • Added FAQ & Wild TP NPCs to spawn to onboard new players better.
  • Gave NPC Nicolas on spawn some text explaining the normal and farming nether.
  • Lowered percentage of players required to skip the night from 50% to 33%.

As you can see, there’s quite some additions going on under the hood. If you have any suggestions or comments, please post them in our discord. We always like to hear your opinion. We have some suggestions like the “town crier” in the pipeline, but they just need some time to get done. See you on the server and enjoy the new features.